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2020 - THANK YOU!

No not just another year. 2020 was special. Not only due to all the Covid-19 restrictions but for me too. Gus music was kind of slow, which I don’t like. I have been working a lot with my day job. I had to. So, there was not so much time for Gus Muller music. I have released 4 singles under 2020. Susan’s gone and Going to Wychwood before summer and Help Me and Psychotic after the summer.
The live band Forsberg, Wilson & Muller have had some changes. It started 2019 for a rock contest but after that the band stayed on. Cause we had fun. And we wanted to go on stage again. But Clara Wilson, the youngest of us, have started on university in Karlstad a town some 400 km from Aspudden which is the epicenter for Gus music. So she left the band. And the guitarist Stefan Hedenström signed on as a permanent member. He has been on stage with us before but now he’s firmly established in the band. He plays the Saxophone and the Clarinet too. We have a planned gig but it’s been pushed forward several times due to the restrictions in Sweden. But we will get there….finally!
I happy to see that Clara is still close to us. When she left us in May I considered it a temporary hiatus to Karlstad rather than an exit from the band. And just yesterday me and Clara where recording piano and backing vocals for Gus’s next single “Time” in Aspudden. So she is still part of it all. And it was so nice meeting her again.
But more important, you all the listeners have been so nice to me and the project, Gus Muller, and the band Forsberg, Wilson & Muller. Great comments on social media and a lot of interest for our music on the streaming sites and our videos on Youtube. Thank you, thank you very much!
So I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2021.