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As the old Monty Python saying goes. Last week in the studio I stepped up to my old Yamaha P115 stage piano and just put my hand down. C minor…. as always with me. Then C#m. Odd but, I kept going. Then D# with A# in the bass => Gm6 with A# in the bass. Look’s odd here but it’s quite logical on the keyboard.
I kept going. Played a part that could be a chorus. Then, into the drum section in CuBase. Found a pre-programmed beat and started with that. Up tempo. 130 Bpm. Synth sounding drums. Not at all like a Gus song. More like a Robyn song on steroids. Tempo wise but it was still kind of timid in the sound.
Yesterday I did everything else of the body of the song. Sorted out the drums, a short guitar solo, a slow break in all the up tempo, 4 more keyboard/synth channels added. But I have no melody and no lyrics, yet. The vocal tarcks you can see is just me trying things out...... I played the mock up for Åsa and she liked it. She did! So……. This not Gus sounding song, if I find the melody, will probably be a new single from me. I never did it in this order before. And I hope it will turn out OK.
I usually start with a melody or at least an idea for a lyric. But not now. Although I have a lot of topics in my head for things a want to write about and this morning, looking at the History 2 channel, I made up my mind about the topic.
So, if I’m lucky…….. it will be a new single.