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New release from Gus Muller, "Give me a reason". Written and recorded in my Aspudden studio, as usual. It´s mixed and produced by Micke Moberg of MiMo Sound Records. "Give Me a Reason" is about lies. Or about a friend who can’t seem to help not telling lies. I know the truth is better than a lie, big or small. Even when the truth really sucks to hear. It’s almost always better to hear the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Learnt that the hard way.
The lyrics are inspired by a phrase in one of Bo Kasper’s songs. "Han har supit bort sina pengar och ljugit bort sin familj..." (“He’s drunk up all is money and lied his family away”). That’s pretty deep and insightful so probably written by someone who knows exactly what he’s talking about. I know it’s like that in families of alcoholics. It’s the lies that tear the family apart, not the actual lack of money… But I think you probably need to have been there to really understand.
The music in "Give Me a Reason" evolved from my own fascination with chromatic scales on the bass. That’s how I built the verses. Just one long chromatic downward scale. Once the drums and bass were in place the melody was pretty obvious. It was just about adding the guitar chords that needed to be there. I tried keeping the refrain pretty simple to make the song more catchy. But when working with it together with Micke Moberg we did not get it to sound right. Somewhere in all the mixing the agressivness got lost. With the liveband RMF we have a much more raw version that has that bite to the sound the lyrics crave. But evetually Micke picked up the guitar and put down a new guitar track to compliment the very first one, that had survied. It worked great. He also played a solo part in the song and .. it´s just awsome! It´s there just behind the third chorus 3 min 8 seconds in... it makes me wanna fly!
So...hope you´ll dig it, friends!