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Every kid with a guitar has the same dream. Going on stage in front of a big audience at a big festival. I had that dream too. But back then it was just to far from realistic so it stayed a dream. The song Goin' to Wychwood is about that dream. But also the bone chilling fear you can feel before goin on stage... for the first time. Well, any time cause the fear don't seem to go away, for me.
Goin' to Wychwood is based on a little loop I'v been playing on my Yamaha Reface DX, which also is my couch synth. The one always laying around that I keep playing just to relax. But this little loop grew on me. So a couple of weeks ago I came to the studio an hour before the band. I recorded the little loop and arranged it into a song. You know, intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, chorus, outro. Then the band came, Forsberg Wilson & Muller with it's soon to be famous 5:th member, Hedenström. They listened, liked it and.... within 4 hours we had recorded all the tracks apart from the vocal tracks and som additional synthing. Is that a word, even? But it was super fast. We have never done it so fast before. And maybe that's why it ended up a happy little tune.
On Goin' to Wychwood you can hear:
Drums: Öjje Forsberg
Guitar: Stefan Hedenström
Bass: Gus Muller
Synth/piano/saxophone: Gus Muller, Micke Moberg
Lead and backning vocals: Gus Muller
Produced, mixed and mastered by Micke Moberg och MiMo Sounds Records. Music and Lyrics by Gus Muller.
I hope you like it!
/Still scared Gus