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Help me is a slow and emotional song. I tried to make a beautiful and simple melody with a lyric that grips your mind. It's about the helplessness you can feel as an addict when you try to stop drinking and realise that you can't, by your self. You need help. The vocal comes close to you and I hope you can feel the helplessness. The vocals are accompanied only by a piano and a deep bass. In a solo part only a Cello carries the melody. The sound is keept simple not to lose the feeling.
Help Me started out as a an idea to have a music box like sound. I was thinking of my music box I had as a little kid. Tink-tink-tink, tink-tink-tink.... and so it went on. And on. I had that tink in my head one day. So what if.... what if it could be a song? Tink-tink-tink, tink-tink-tink... I tried on the synth in the studio. And.... well kind of boring sound. So I switched to the guitar. Better but no... flow? So I played around with the stompboxes for a while and then, yeah, there was sometihing. So I let the guitar go tink-tink-tink..... It ended up kind of nice, kind of boring. So I played the demo for my band and Stefan Hedenström said: "-Why don't go with the piano? Broad slow block chords and a feeling like you've gone to the church to beg for help." So I tried. And it worked. From that point on the song became very slow. And I tried to keep it as simple and true as possible, with that church sound to it.
On Help Me you can hear:
Bass: Gus Muller
Synth/piano/cello: Gus Muller
Lead and backning vocals: Gus Muller
Produced, mixed and mastered by Micke Moberg och MiMo Sounds Records.
Music and Lyrics by Gus Muller.
Cover by Hasse Eklundh,
So friends, I so hope you like it!