In sweden the upcoming weekend is very special. We call it midsummer and we sing odd songs and dance even odder dances. And on top of that, we dance them in big crowds around a large pole swept in birch leafs, all at once. And we get drunk the swedish way... and we fall in love.... in the long summer night. It's a tradition that we imported from nothern germany way back. In the dark ages. But the tradition is keept alive in Sweden. Cause I doubt that the germans still are on to it.
Anyway, "I don´t believe it" is a song about being decieved in love. The worst, ehh. It´s about the realisation that the one I´m married to is not in love with me but rather my money, my house and the style of life we live. I´v seen it, I know it. The music started out with me playing around with my guitar at home. I played a lot of, to me, kind of strange chords high up on the neck. It came soft and slender. I started singning to it and the melody ended up in a high pitch. Very high for me. I had to sing it in falsetto. But it tried. Did it work? You decide! But it´s sooo strange for me.
Early on Fredrik Reuterhäll of Invicta film wanted to make a video for the song. So he did. It's recorded on a high end hotel with the model Olga B as actress. She was super professional to work with according to Fredrik. So two professionals. Must come out great. It did I think.
So lean back, let the sun flow and have a look at the video for I don't believe it. Enjoy!
/not dancing Gus
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