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"I don´t believe it", new release from Gus Muller, is a song about being decieved in love. The worst, ehh. It´s about the realisation that the one I´m married to is not in love with me but rather my money, my house and the style of life we live. I´v seen it, I lived it. The song started out with me playing around with my guitar at home. I played a lot of, to me, kind of strange chords high up on the neck. And i found a couple of chords in a progression that sounded .... well, nice. Kinda soft. I started singning to it and the melody ended up in a high pitch. Very high for me. I had to sing it in falsetto. But it tried.
I recorded a demo that I did not like but I sent it to my panel of guy´s that help me with feed back. And, to my surprise, the liked it. So ... I went on. And I soon realized that we had to release " I don´t believe it". So I had to sing in falsetto in the recording to. That´s sooo strange for me. And after hours and hours of practise at my kick ass voice coach, Karin, I gave it a try. And ... well ... it´s there, now, recorded. I hope it works out. Micke Moberg of MiMo Sound Records can do wonders in the productions so it will probably end up good anyway.
As usual the song is written, recorded and sung by me in the Aspudden studio and produced by Micke MiMo Moberg.
I hope you´ll like it.