I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago. About the Wychwood festival and many others. All canceled, no gigs for me or for me to listen too. Poor me or something of that effect I wrote.
Yeah, Corona...... Nothing fun this summer. Not even the Wychwood music festival. Not Sweden Rock, not Roskilde, not Rockbar, not Kirunafestivalen, not .... not. No fun.
Some of you thought I was tasteless or just plain stupid to write that. It's a pandemic, our old are getting sick and people are dying. I get it. I do. I'm sorry! I'll watch my step.
But the thing is, bad news or disasters, death and despair and other stuff have a way of occupying our media. We are bombarded with bad things all the time. Even among some of our friends bad news travels faster than good, doesn't it? So we end up reading and hearing about .... the bad.... And yes the Pandemic is bad and serious. I get that. I do. But does that mean we all have to mourn? Can't we try to see what's good or fun? Even now? In a respectful way?
More than a year ago I felt this way. Long before the Covid-19 outbreak. It felt to me like we did not take the chances we had to see the good and the beautiful all around us. Because when I looked around, I was surronded by the good and the beautiful. Yes, the bad was there to especially on my tellie but I tried to see the good. And this became a song. "Welcome to my world". A song about trying to see the good and the beautiful all around us. And right now, maybe we need it just a little bit extra. Right?
Try to enjoy!


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