Already as a teenager I loved musik. Back then I had HiFi equipment to listen to. And I did. I shure did. I wiped the wax tracks carefully clean from dust with my carbon fibre brush. The record already on the antistat pad och the turntable. I slowly let the needle down, I turned off the light and listened in the darkness. ....I turned off the light... Yes! It seems you hear better in the darkness. Have you tried? Is it true? I mean I could be, right?
Humans have great eyesight, I'v heard. But if it's dark maybe our brain concentrates on what we can hear rather than what we can see. Cause we can't see. Makes sence doesen't it? Anyway... I use that feeling of that you hear better and appreciate musik better in the dark. When I'v worked with a new song for a while and it nears it's demo stage and I'm almost near to put it online as a demo...... I stop to listen, very closely.
So.... I turn off the lights in the studio, which i well underground, so it gets really dark. Only the small LED:s on the equipment and the computerscreen is on. I crank up the volume a lot and stand in the darkness listening. It's as if.... as if you can hear more. As the musik has depth. You can hear where the intruments are, not just right or left, but in front or in the back. You can hear what parts of the recording that's not good enought. You can hear what's missing. And you get a little carried away. Usually I sing along loudly after a while. And do I stand still... noooooooo.
Then, lights still out, I take the volume down. Then you can hear what part's of the musik that penetrates. Which parts you hear at low volume. Usually we don't really listen to musik , we have it in the background. Like this. So getting a song to sound the same loud and in the backgruond is..... really really difficullt. But I try.
Then I turn on the lights. I make the alterations I'v heard is needed. And then "print" it to a fixed WAW file and put it out on this website and my facebook page. If it's good enought to be a single I reorganize the CuBase project in the way Micke MiMo Moberg, my producer, want it. I lock the MIDI sounds, I take away old sound files and copy the whole project on a USB stick. Then i drive south to Micke Mobergs..... letterbox. And the project is on it's way to become a single. From this point everything we do with the song is made in Mickes project. So that we don't end up with two... originals.
So.... I will be back in the darkness soon. Cause I'm working on a couple of new songs. But first rehearsal for the upcoming gig for the live band Forsberg Wilson & Muller. Will be fun.
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