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Yeah! We had fun recording Lost Myself. You can problably hear it. It's a little less orderly and exact. And we found it was a great sing-a-long tune, too. Lost myself sounds as it belongs in a pub. So we sang it like in a Pub. You know, full throttle and as near the right notes as possible. But it's not. It's not pub guests singing. It's me, Öjje Forsberg and Charlotta Wilson. Layer upon layer. So it sounds a little pubish. And while at it we let the instrumental tracks sound like they came out of the pub too. Micke Moberg, my producer, decided it had to have an other solo part, so he took his Ibanez 12 string that he has converted with a mic and recorded a new solo. Listen to it! 2:29 in and it's just wonderful. And on a acoustic 12-string. How about that!
The song is about falling in love..... again. Well I mean it's a song about falling in love. Again. From me. And how this changes a man. It's good, is it not? Yeah probably. But a lot of the things I consider manly are, ...... in lack of a better word, lost. When falling in love. So it sure can feel like I lose myself. When I fall in love. Which I did. Again. 19 years ago.
So now the single is here. I hope you like it!