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Back in the 70:s when I was a teenager and got hold of money enought I went to the record store. Bought the latest Queen or Alan Parsons album. To me they where like gold. I loved musik. And I had a dream of one day being able to write music and maybe, maybe make an album. Like gold. A dream I never thought would come true. But... fast forward to 2009. I started playing guitar again. And now almost exactly 10 years later my first album is flying the cyberspace. So it´s .... Never too late!
Well, it's not completely new....the album. All the 11 songs on the album are my already released singles. Although remastered and in detail remixed and now in formation flying! So those of you that have been part of the journey until now will know the songs. But for all you newbeis it's a brand new album. Check it out!
Never Too Late is produced, mixed and mastered by Micke Moberg at MiMo Sound Records. All music and lyrics by Gus Muller.
Gus Muller: Lead and backing vocals, drums, bass, guitar and keyboards
Micke Moberg: Drums, bass, guitar and keyboards
Stefan Hedenström: Saxophone on Welcome to my world, Clarinet on Tell the world and guitar on Fangs
Öjje Forsberg: Drums on Fangs and Stureplan
Sigvard Frenzel: Drums on Welcome to my world and City Lights
Todde Sjöström: Guitar and backning vocals on City Lights
Åsa Pihl: Backing vocals on City Lights
Hans Eklundh: Graphic design, web design and single-covers
Fredrik Reuterhäll: Video production
Mats Thomasson: PR and marketing
Never Too Late sleve design by Hans Eklundh, photo of Gus by Stefan Hedenström
I hope you´'ll like it!