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” -Take my hand, granddad!” My granddaughters big eyes looking at me. Hopeful. This became the lyrics for “Take My hand”. It’s about our future, our kids and grandkids. They give me hope that all will be good, they won’t accept anything else. Just like we didn’t. So among all the dark prophecies about our future on earth, there is hope. And we can see it. In our grandchildren’s eyes. The song is based around the wonderful piano playing in 6/8 time by my kick ass voice coach Karin Gemfors. We added just a bass, delicate drums by Öjje Forsberg, vocals and some wind instruments.
After listening to the almost ready song I found that the grandchildren was kind of missing. So I called on my two granddaughters Alicia, 5 years, and Olivia, 3 years, to come to the studio. And at the very end we added some little girls laughter and Alicia saying “Come granddad – take my hand” to the song. Now she says that in Swedish cause her English is…. Not so good yet. But it’s just perfect for the song so….. a little Swedish will not hurt at the end.
I hope you’ll like it!
Lyrics: Gus Muller -21
Music: Gus Muller, Karin Gemfo
Drums: Öjje Forsberg
Bass: Gus Muller
Guitar: -
Piano: Karin Gemfors
Synth/winds: Gus Muller
Lead vocal: Gus Muller
Backing vocals: Gus Muller
Grandchildren: Alicia and Olivia Pihl
Mixing: Micke Moberg
Mastering: Micke Moberg
Production: Micke Moberg

Music publisher: The Orchard Entreprise Inc / Sony Music
Record label: MiMo Sound Records
Chanels: Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Dezer, Pandora, Itunes and more
Webpage and covers: Hans Eklundh,