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We have Tomas Ledin in Sweden. He has written some of our most famous Swedish rock songs. A couple of them every swede over 40 knows the lyrics to. He wrote his songs with Swedish lyrics so his personal fame in basically limited to Scandinavia. Although he toured the world in the 70:s as a backline voice to ABBA.
This year he had his farewell tour celebrating 70 years on the earth and 50 on stage. As part of the celebration Tomas and conductor Peter Nordahl made a symphonic tour of Tomas music. Not like we are used to, like “The final countdown” by London philharmonic orchestra, no this was Tomas music set in the traditional form for a symphony orchestra. As if it was written for the orchestra to start with. It was a little up and down. Some song did not lend them selves easily to the new format. But some of them. Magic! Just magic! And also superbly executed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Peter Nordahl in the Stockholm concert hall.
I will remember this for a long time.
(We were not allowed to take pictures during the concert so they are just from the final applause)