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It’s been three years in the making. My new album “The End of Reason - Collection”. The album is made much more together with the musicians and people around me than my first album. So, it’s also a bit more diverse in sound and attitude. Spanning from slow and emotional songs as “Help Me”, happy and hopeful tunes like “Goin’ to Wychwood” and “Take My Hand”, to bombastic’s like “Psychotic” or the dystopic title song “The End of Reason”. I’v been influenced by all my friends and a lot of the songs are co-written with them. It’s been such a nice journey for us. We really hope you like the album!
On the album you can hear Öjje Forsberg (drums, backing vocals), Charlotta Wilson (Bass, Keyboards, Backing vocals), Stefan Hedenström (Guitars), Micke Moberg (Guitar, keyboards, drums), Krin Gemfors (Keyboards), Erica Frank (Backning vocals), Åsa Pihl (Backing vocals), Alicia and Olivia Pihl (sound FX) and of course Clara Wilson Sundström (Keyboards, Backing vocals) …apart from Gus. And as always mixed, mastered and produced by sound magician Micke Moberg. Covers and web-design Hasse Eklund. Thank you, friends, for everything!
Gus Muller music is distributed by The Ordchard / Sony music.
1. Take my hand
2. Help Me
3. I See the sun
4. Midi walk
5. A better man
6. Susan’s gone
7. Time
8. Lost myself
9. Psychotic
10. Goin’ to Wychwood
11. The end of reason