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Time – like an enemy I’v treated you before… Yes, just like that. I did not like getting old. When I turned 30 I suddenly felt… well, grown up. I passed 40 without really noticing it. I was trying to squeeze in career, family, sailing and night life into the 24 hours of a day and the 7 says of a week. And I didn’t do too well with that. But then I turned 50 and…. I was old I realized. Although I was kind of programmed to not like getting old I found out that it was not too bad. Actually I kind of liked it.
So this became the lyrics for the song Time. I wrote the music to it after the rainy summer of 2020. And Clara Wilson added what was missing during the atumn.
Apart from me you can hear Clara Wilson on the Piano and as the Backing vocals. Clara is a former member of the live band Forsberg, Wilson & Muller. And very subtle in the background my long-time friend and favourite drummer, Öjje Forsberg, plays the drums.
I hope you like it!
/Rather old Gus