Yes. Again! There are a lot of songs called Welcome to my world out there. The most famous one seemes to be the one sung by Jim Reeves and composed by Ray Winkler and John Hathcock. That Welcome was also sung by some of the giants as Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley. But the version Jim Reeves made seems to have made the biggest tracks. A legend in his own time he was. There are even a Jim Reeves memorial monument i Sweden. In Voxna in Hälsnigland. How about that!
So why all this talk about Welcome to my world? Well, on and off I get the question if I have stolen it. Or if I can use the name? And, yes I can. The name it self is not protected, usually. Especially when it's a sentence like this one. So there are a lot of artist that has made Welcomes' as Depeche Mode, Capture, Hydrogenie and Rat Boy among them. Depeche Modes one is a really good song, and a hit for them. But they are all different songs. Lyrics and melodies are protected, though. How long differs between the US and EU for example. In the US songs are protected forever and in the EU it's protected until 70 years after the creators death. But it doesen't matter. All Gus songs are marketed in all the world. So..... forever.
And no, it's not stolen... Gus song Welcome to my world. I think. Because this is not so easy to find out. You know, when you recognise something it feels kind of good inside. "Been here before", "I know this", and things like it are all good feelings. And it translates to "I like this!" So...... when I write music and I come across a chord progression, a melody or an idea for a lyric that can be a new song and I like it...... Yeah, I start to look if it is stolen, in some way. You know, maybe I haven't heard a song for ages but when playing and "finding" it again it will feel like, "Yes I like it!" But it can be a old song that I have forgotten that I liked. How do I find this out?
I try to get friends to listen and say if they recognise it. My drummer friend Öjje Forsberg is just amazing. He remebers everything music. Or just about everything about anything. He's so cool! So I play the ideas for him. That's a good test. But I also search for songs that I feel could be related to the one I'm making. To see if it's in a odd way, stolen. And nowadays there is the Shazam app. It's really an app to find songs on the internet. You sing to it or let the app listen to a song that you don't what it is and the app will search and find the song for you. Neat, Ehee! So, I play the ideas for Shazam. And if it can't find it, OK! A, well sometimes it can and then I stop working on the song. So, I think all Gus songs are orginals. ...I think...
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